My projects was published here:

  • Guia do Scrapbooking & Cia. – #9  Maio 2010
  • Guia do Scrapbooking & Cia. –  #10 Agosto 2010
  • Scrapzine #3 – Agosto 2010
  • Guia do Scrapbooking  & Cia. – #11October 2010
  • Scrapzine #4, October 2010

2 pensamentos sobre “Press

  1. Hi Rommel!
    I am writing to you on behalf of the Scrapidées blog team, this is a French blog, and we are posting sketches each week on the blog to give some inspiration to our readers…

    We invite a talented scrapper each month, and we would love to have you on 2013.
    What you would have to do is very simple. Just send to us a sketch + a layout + a photo + some comments about your “sketches approach” (what do you think about, how do you use them, how do you manage them, and so on) and that’s all!
    Here’s the link of the blog:
    (Feel free to have a look!). If you should decide not to, we understand, don’t worry!

    We look forward to your answer. Thanks a lot and take care!
    paloma1815 (

    • Hey Paloma, good to hear from France!
      Of course I accept this invitation, YES! Thanks, it’s a honor for me! :)
      What i need to do?
      Please write me the instructions for my personal email

      I’ll be waiting!!! I see the blog and yours too, and I’m totally in love with the project I saw. I really wanted to know french just to know more about all of them!

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